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About Us

Tempus Bio Technologies is a business-to-business supplier of Nano Sized supplement formulations.  Tempus Bio Technologies offers a full range of services from supplying current formulations to custom formulations to flavoring to bottling.  For white label service, you simply supply the label and specify what type of bottle you want.  

Dedicated Professionals Since 2017

In business since 2017, we have the expertise to meet the most demanding product development criteria.  With both PH.D’s and M.D.’s on our staff with expert manufacturing and production experience, Tempus Bio Technologies is a unique partner to help your company grow the customer base.  Tempus Bio Technologies also has manufacturing partners in the European Union, owned by United States citizens, to facilitate your European expansion elimination of VAT fees and regulatory hurdles faced by United States based manufacturers.

Our technology is current and state of the art.  We have both medical and technical expertise that can answer any questions and ensure a positive outcome for your business and your customers. 


True Expertise

Tempus Bio Technologies was born from the desire to change the supplement industry,  supplying a true nano sized (between 1 to 100 nanometers) product.  Where applicable, we encapsulate the supplement to vastly improve bioavailability using the target organs to deliver your formulation to where you want. 

The reality is that the word Nano has become more of a marketing term than a scientific term.  There are nano tennis shoes, hearing aids, golf shirts, etc.  Tempus Bio Technologies feel that it is misleading and false to label a supplement as nano-sized without proof.  Tempus Bio Technologies also performs a full safety review on all formulations.  Following the Food and Drug Administration’s guidelines along with the National Institute of Health, each new concept is thoroughly researched for safety and efficacy.

Business to Business

Leader in Nanotechnology

Why Choose Tempus Bio Technologies?

As a Business-to-Business entity, we provide the knowledge, expertise and experience to meet your nutritional supplement product needs

Verified Quality Control

We use only GMP manufacturers and adhere to FDA regulations in consultation and practice

Private Label Supplements

We offer private labeling of our stock supplements to quickly grow your product line

Custom Product Development

We have the expertise to research and develop and produce new custom products